USER REVIEWS: Khairpep Transform Masque

A selection of our members have been trialling the K18 Peptide Transform Masque from Khairpep, and although this is the first time we have featured the brand – it won’t be the last!

This is a set of 3 individual masques, but if you have short hair you may get two applications from each. Each masque comes in a handy 5ml tube and is a great starting point for those with dry, damaged, or fragile hair.

As someone who has naturally dark, curly hair and regularly does the opposite – straightens and lightens, my hair was the perfect candidate for the Khairpep range. I personally used these products and after the three usages I noticed a significant improvement.

My hair was easier to style and it felt more nourished and less…frazzled! I am used to smothering my hair in conditioner and I did have to do a double take when I read you skip this step, however, you really don’t miss it. Simply shampoo as per usual and apply to towel dried hair, and comb through. Leave for 4 minutes before styling. Easy!

Note from the brand: Khairpep™ is a progressive treatment, so to gain maximum benefit, use the masque at your next 3 to 4 shampoos for best results. Then use periodically to maintain hair quality.

Would I use it again? Absolutely! It has an RRP of $35 and you can purchase online from I am really interested to try some of the other products in the range!

10 our Beauty and Lace Club members have been testing this product. You can find out what they thought below, or leave your own review.

16 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Khairpep Transform Masque

  1. I have very long fine hair that I either colour at home or have my hairdresser daughter colour for me at the salon on occasion.
    I love using hair masques and was really interested to try the K18 Peptide Masque from khairpep.
    3 x 5ml tubes in a box offered the promise of healthy looking hair.
    I shampooed my hair as per normal but remembered not to use any conditioner on my hair. I suspect that is because many conditioners coat the hair and if you have that coating on your hair then the masque wont be able to get to the hair to do its magic. I applied the product to towel dried hair but on this first application I actually applied way too much. My hair smelt lovely but was a drab mess and I had to rewash it the next day. On this occasion I was careful to use a much smaller amount. I actually found that I could get about 4 uses per tube and I feel this is because my hair is so fine. I was worried about tangles but the masque seemed to help any tangles to fall apart. When my hair dried the lovely scent was still there and my hair felt lovely and soft and had a wonderful healthy looking shine to it. I noticed with each wash that the normal dramatic fall out that I usually had was not occurring.
    My hair does feel much more healthy and has a gloss as if I have had a professional salon treatment.
    If your hair needs a bit of a boost then this is a product worth investing in.

  2. I have crazy curly hair that takes a lot of taming. After shampooing my hair I used the K18 mask. I always leave my hair to dry naturally and when it did the curls looked great my hair condition got better with each use, I only had to use a small amount to get fantastic results.
    I really loved trialing this product it’s now part of my hair care routine.

  3. Loved this treatment. Very sceptical as I wash my hair everyday and thought it may leave my hair greasy as I always wash my conditioner out. Not so, it smelt divine and my hair was so soft and glossy. I used the three trials every second day and will blow dried and straightened my hair as usual. The shine and manageability of my hair was fantastic. Have now bought more. Thanks Beauty and Lace, So glad I’ve found this treatment!

  4. When I first got my Khairpep k18 peptide masque package, I thought there was no way there was going to be enough product in one tube to get through my thick, medium length hair, but I was going to try anyway. After shampooing my hair, I got out of the shower and was surprised to find though that the masque distributed easily through my hair and the mid – to – ends of my hair felt covered.

    After blow drying my hair, my hair looked beautiful! It was much shinier than usual and felt nice to touch. There were also less flyaways, which I always struggle with.

    After using Khairpep over three weeks (as I only wash my hair once a week) I found that my hair looked healthy and shiny with no frizz that lasted throughout the each week. I also didn’t find any split ends, which I had been noticing before I started the treatment.

    Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with the Khairpep hair masques and although I won’t keep doing them weekly, I will repurchase to treat my hair every now and then. Thank you Khairpep and Beauty and Lace for letting me trial this product >:o)

  5. Hairdressers always recommend a great hair mask to strengthen and add hydration to hair. The K18 Peptide Transform Masque from Khairpep looks and sounds like a fabulous product to try.

  6. I have very fine hair. I haven’t dyed my hair in years because my hair is so easily damaged. The few times I have dyed it, it’s gone straw-like (very dry and brittle), especially when I tried to go lighter. Two years ago, I started getting grey hairs, and I worry about the day when I want to start dyeing my hair again. I would also love to have longer hair, but it gets to about 2 inches below shoulder level, and then it starts splitting. I was so excited to try KHAIRPEP, it sounded perfect for me. If I could strengthen my hair, I could do so much more with it.

    To use this product, you just shampoo your hair (skip Conditioning your hair), towel dry, apply ½ – 1 tube of hair mask through your hair, and then leave to dry. Simple and easy. I was initially pleased with the product. It didn’t have a strong scent, and it didn’t weigh down my hair (as some leave-in conditioners can do). The next day I shampooed and conditioned as normal – and my hair was OK. A little “tuggy” at the ends, but my hair felt stronger – maybe?????

    The next time I washed my hair, I used the 2nd half of the tube. By the end of the day my hair was a “Rat’s Nest”. It was like I had sprayed it with lots of hair spray then slept on it. It took several shampoos and conditions to get it almost back to normal.

    The 3rd time I tried KHAIRPEP I decided to use a little more than ½ a tube. Maybe that was my problem last time. So I used about ¾ of a tube on my hair. I had a tiny smear left on my palm after I finished applying it, so I wiped it onto my fringe (not that my fringe needs any help growing!). A few mins later, my scalp started feeling a bit stingy, especially at the hair line on my forehead. I almost washed my hair again to get the product off, but it went away again. During the day I felt the stinging/burning sensation a few times during the day, but never for long. The next morning I woke up to a rash on my forehead and a few lumps behind my left ear.

    I still wanted to give this product a good review, so after a few washes, I tried again. This time going back to half a tube. I did not notice any improvements, in fact, my hair seemed a little worse. This was confirmed when I went to my hairdresser a week later who said “What have you been doing to your hair!” I not only had split end at the ends of my hair, but all over. I described the product to her (I couldn’t remember the name of it) and she said that it sounds like it should have worked on my fine hair, but it definitely wasn’t working for me

    It’s probably a great product, and I do have quite sensitive skin (prone to rashes from some chemicals). It will be interesting to read how everyone else on the trial went. It’s just not for me.

  7. I tried this product because I have very dry hair due to working away in the dust and harsh water. I have long but fine hair. I followed the instructions the first time, but found my hair looked really oily, as I don’t like to wash it too often, I had to leave it til the next wash. I halved the amount used, but still found it to be too oily for my hair. I used a very minimal amount for the last two times and found it a bit better. I think the product may be too heavy for my fine hair, but would try it again using even less of the product and only in the ends. I did smell and feel nice.

  8. My hair hasn’t felt this great for a long time. When I was younger I had long thick enviable hair until I started having children and my hair lost its elasticity and became dry and weak. I thought I would just have to live with it . . . until . . . I started using Khairpep Transforme leave-in hair masque!

    The pack contained three tubes of product, which I was able to split into two uses per tube, making six treatments in total. I applied the masque as directed and immediately noticed that after the recommended time my hair was more manageable and there was definitely less breakage. After six treatments my hair has more body, volume and shine, it is thicker and doesn’t look as dull and lifeless as before.

    My only complaint is that it is tricky to completely use all of the product as the tubes are quite difficult to squeeze the contents out completely, eventually needing to be cut open with scissors. Overall this masque is amazing! Highly recommend!

    Thank you once again for allowing me to trial this amazing product!

  9. I have salon dyed hair (blonde) and I use a hairdryer regularly so you can imagine it is quite dry and brittle. Since using this product I have had friends comment how healthy my hair looks, I even had a ‘new’ friend think my hair was naturally blonde!!! I have used every product I can get my hands on and I didn’t mind the process to achieve the result!!
    Thanks for letting me trial it, I loved it!!!

  10. MY daughter and I both trialled this product and were very impressed by it. We both have fine, straight hair and noticed a considerable difference to the volume of our hair using KHAIRPEP. Our hair was shiny and easy to manage. I would absolutely recommend this product to people with fine hair.

  11. Khairpep is The Game Changer”!
    Best hair I’ve ever had! Everrrrrr…highly recommend but need to use sparingly for best results. I’m so happy that I decided to give it a try.., nothing compares not even my beloved OlaPlex

  12. Have just started using khairpep and have done my first 3 consecutive washes. I was sceptical bcoz i have tried everything. My hair is fragile, fine and damaged, very frizz when left to air dry
    ..well…BEST product I have ever come across. My hair looks less damaged, feels great and honestly even a little thicker. Will definitely be continuing at this stage and highly recommend.

  13. A woman in a hair salon video I watched said that KHAIRPEP MASQUE could be used with success for people who relax their hair. How is it for natural or relaxed African American hair?

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