Toni & Guy Glamour Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo

Looking for a dry shampoo that removes excess oil while giving you extra volume? The Glamour Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo from Toni & Guy is designed to do just that.

If it’s big you want this spray on formula will help you achieve it, a big burst of volume to help you get beautiful curls and luscious oversized buns just right. I do find the scent quite strong to begin with but when you really want your style to stick you will be finishing with hairspray anyway (try Toni & Guy Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray).


To use it is recommended that you spray from root to tip, once it has set (this takes a few seconds) you can comb it through with your fingers. If you want to go really va-va-voluminous you can use a backcomb to get your look.

This comes in a 250ml gold aerosol can and has an RRP of $15.99

Find the Toni & Guy Glamour Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo at selected Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and Big W stores.

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