TIGI BedHead Dumb Blonde Shampoo

A range that has worked exceptionally well for me is TIGI BedHead – and in particular the Dumb Blonde Shampoo. We have been putting together a list of the best products for blonde hair and the list would not be complete without this purple wonder.

I feel like the Dumb Blonde Shampoo is almost worthy of being called a toner rather than a blonde shampoo as it is really helps to keep your colour how the hairdresser intended. It’s pH balanced and works to clean and freshen your hair while counteracting unwanted shades of brass, orange and yellow.


Keratin and Milk Protein are a couple of key ingredients which help to make your dry or over processed hair stronger.

Works especially well on chemically treated hair, and has an appealing scent to it.

This has a pricetag of $36.95 for 400ml, but if you are really serious about maintaining your blonde hair then it is worth every penny.

Available from selected hair salons. For your nearest stockist please call: 02 9889 0435

2 thoughts on “TIGI BedHead Dumb Blonde Shampoo

  1. This is really interesting as many years ago there was some product I used to keep my blonde hair lasting longer. Never found another product that helped since then.
    I will be surely keeping this in mind for when I get a few more blondes put in.
    Yes, it is a bit expensive but if you way up what it is being used for and the results are great, I know what my choice would be.

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