The Top Options for Adding Volume to Your Hair

Part of having a luxury lifestyle is having a luxurious look, and one of the best ways to do so is to add volume to your hair. However, fine and thin hair can happen through no fault of your own. Sometimes, it’s a matter of it being mistreated over the years. Other times, it is outside factors like heredity or hormones that cause the hair to feel thin. Here are some options to tackle your hair issues and get on the path to volume:

Handling the Issue Yourself

To start with, you may want to see a doctor. Does this sound like a bit of a strange path to take? While it is a rarity, sometimes thinning hair can be a side-effect of a medical condition. For example, if you are seeing patches of hair loss, you may be dealing with a condition called androgenetic alopecia.  This condition can take hold as early as your 20s, but it’s more common to take place after menopause. While 50% of women experience some sort of hair loss at this stage, androgenetic alopecia is a bit of a different entity, being mostly genetic. Other potential medical contributors to thinning hair in women can include:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Iron deficiency
  • Anemia
  • A rise in male hormones

The good news is that everything in that list is treatable if it is addressed early. Other things you may want to do is eat foods that contain biotin and zinc, like spinach, kale, and beans. Don’t forget to keep hydrated. Hair is no different than any other part of the body in that it needs certain nutrients, so keep this in mind.

There are other things that you can do to try and alter the way your hair looks. However, everyone’s hair is different. One thing that you want to check is whether your hair is dry or oily. This will determine what shampoo you will want to use, for example, oily hair requires shampooing more regularly, while dryer hair means you can get away with using it only every few days. This is an important distinction to make, as not knowing how to treat your hair type makes a major difference in hair quality later in life.

You can combine this with other techniques to boost your hair volume, like back-brushing, blow-drying  it upside down, or crimping your roots. A stylist will help you figure out the nature of your hair and what will work best for your hair’s texture and your desired style. More on that in a bit.

In some cases, there may even be more treatment options than you would expect. One such example is low laser light technology. One 2014 American Journal of Clinical Dermatology study found that an at-home laser helmet prompted “significantly greater hair density” in those who used it, in comparison with the control group after 24 weeks. “We think one day, just like people have a hair dryer at home, they’ll have one of these devices,” says NASA scientist and beauty entrepreneur Tamim Hamid. This may not be entirely accessible for everyone, but who knows what science will be able to do for your hair in the upcoming decades.

Outside Help

According to Elle B Salon, “When it comes to adding volume or getting hair extensions, you may want to go outside of a do-it-yourself solutions when it comes to adding volume. This means using the help of a salon. “It makes sense, after all, that using a salon gives you access both to the skills and experience of a trained stylist as well as different products that you may not have access to. As a good example, applying hair extensions can be difficult to do by yourself. However, by looking up a professional salon, you can handle this issue easily.

The first step is to look up the website of a salon in your area to see what type of services they offer and what their prices are. You may want to combine this with reading online reviews or asking friends and family to get unbiased opinions on how well things work. By taking the time to do this, or going on your own, you can easily add hair volume for a new and better look.

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