The Pob – Victoria Beckham Hair

Remember “The Rachel”? It was the hairstyle of the 90s and every fashionable woman just had to have it. Hairdressers came to know it simply by the name and eventually even Jennifer Aniston herself grew tired of the look.

Victoria Beckham has long been known for her sense of style and a trend setter. When she recently went for the chop and lost her hair extensions, women everywhere stood up and took notice. Her new bob quickly became known as the Pob due to her nickname “Posh Spice” from her Spice Girls days.

While a bob is by no means a new hairstyle, Victoria Beckham has reinvented it and gave it instant fashion status. Even best friend, Katie Holmes is following the trend. While Posh might not have had the most successful music career, she does know her fashion and is an idol for many and was even named Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year.

victoria beckham

The Pob is a simple, sleek bob that is flattering for most face shapes. It is not recommended for extremely thick or curly hair as it will then become high maintenance.
By choosing a bob that is longer at the front, allows the wearer to have more options to accessorize and have fun with their look.

A common misconception is that bobs are masculine, but in reality if you choose the right cut for your face shape, they can accentuate your positive facial features and cheek bones. While this may be the latest fashion craze, and fortunately for the majority of women it is a flattering option, think carefully before you choose to go short, and decide whether it is really right for you.

the pob

The Pob is set to be the hottest hairstyle of the season, and is likely to remain fashionable for quite some time. Make sure you go to a trusted hairdresser as this style can easily go wrong.

Simply ask for “The Pob” and most of the time hairdressers will know what you are referring to, but best to take a photo just in case.

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