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Celebrities are often seen as the center of the hair fashion world, with impeccable styles that get plenty of notice from adoring fans. Even among the A-list of top showbiz names, there are a few celeb hairstyles that have risen to the top and thus proved to be the cream of the cream.

With seemingly each day bringing a new top celebrity hairstyle, certain trends can appear and disappear overnight. However, there are a few specific celebrity looks that are currently in style, with many imitators trying to copy the haircuts at home.

nicole richie

Although her popularity may be hit and miss, there is no denying that Nicole Richie has one of the best current hairstyles among celebrities. Her mid-length bob gives the appearance of being easy to maintain while at the same time giving an elegance that would be welcome on the dancefloor of an LA nightclub or a formal ball in the Hamptons.

The bob correctly matches Richie’s facial structure and creates a balance where the four points of her diamond shaped face are equally focused. The side sweep of the bangs is also an asset for the socialite, with razor cut ends of different lengths that meld together and create a warm look. It may look easy to copy, but much thought went into this style and a woman wanting to get Richie’s signature appearance will be better off going to a professional stylist.


Another celebrity whose frequent hair changes keep her fans looking to the star to set a fashion plate is the actress Emma Stone. Her latest style is an updo that uses dual knots to create a casual look that can serve double purpose for special events. Stone’s blond locks are also given the fringe treatment to give more depth to the normally fine hair.

While the actress’s style is achieved with professional salon experts, many woman can achieve a similar look at home. By simply pulling the edges of the bangs around the head to tie a loose knot, the delicate appearance will be firmly held in place. To get a more formal look, a woman can use more hair and create a full bun at the back of the head.


The messy look is also in, with Vanessa Hudgens and Mila Kunis gaining recognition for their stylish cuts. The former combines a normal bun with the messy appearance to deliver an excellent summer look. Perfect for the beach or a special event, the combination brings a great deal of body to the star’s hair and shows off her face.

The eyes are framed by small curls that fall down into the face and other curls stick out from various points of the head. The beauty of this hairstyle is that the appearance is one of casual indifference, but any woman that tries to replicate the look will soon learn that there is much more work than meets the eye and it may take many attempts to get the style exactly right.


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