Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care Dry Range

You know that old excuse, “sorry I can’t go out tonight, I have to wash my hair”…that could actually be used by me and it wouldn’t be a lie. I have long curly hair and the process of washing and blowdrying is time consuming and some days there really isn’t enough time. Or, there are those days when you have an amazingly good hair day and you feel like you can stretch it out by one day but after sleeping you wake up with flat, greasy hair.

Schwarzkopf’s new Extra Care Dry Range has three spray on products which will instantly transform your hair giving you that extra time before having to rub-a-scrub-dub.

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The Dry Shampoo is a little hair lifesaver which every girl should have in her beauty cupboard as a back up for that last minute invitation or unexpected oiliness. This is my favourite because after one quick spray unruly, oily hair is replaced by something much more manageable and party ready.

The Dry Conditioner is a handy spray for hair that needs a quick condition and ends that are feeling dry.

Lastly is the Dry Oil Mist spray which is something different to anything else currently on shelves. This gives you shine and condition with the benefits of Argan Oil and is lightweight – perfect for thin and fine haired beauties.

Each of these products has a low price tag of $8.99 each. I have the set of three and have already used them all and have been happy with the results, because your hair doesn’t become saturated your blow dry will be easily to salvage after application.

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