REVIEW: Dessata Mini Hair Detangling Brush

A detangling hairbrush is a must in any house with children, especially girl children with beautiful long wispy hair.

I will admit, I was a little sceptical about the Dessata Mini Hair Detangling Brush. Full disclosure says I should probably tell you I’m pretty sceptical about any detangling brush, the fact that the Dessata Mini is so small and has no handle did not help its case.

The reason the Dessata has no handle is to make it a better ergonomic fit with your hand, and it really does. You are using more of the strength in your arm than your wrist as you brush and I found it does make for a much smoother stroke. It is the perfect fit for the palm of my hand and quite comfortable to hold.

The bristles are three different lengths and placed quite close together in a solid base. The design is very lightweight and fits easily in your handbag, or gymbag, to have conveniently on hand anytime you need it.

A great addition to this brush is the cover, to protect the bristles from attracting dirt and keep your brush in tip-top condition.

The Dessata brush I am trialing is the gorgeous new Purple in the Brights range. It has a satiny stand out finish that captures my eye, and my heart, being my favourite colour.

I have just brushed my hair sitting here at my desk and now I can’t stop running my fingers through it. In an unusual turn of events, my hair is sleek, smooth and tangle free after a day of being pulled at and caught in by baby and toddler hands.

The Dessata Mini is 30% smaller than the Dessata Original which makes it a perfect fit for children who are learning to brush their own hair. It is gentle and doesn’t stress or break hair.

This is a product perfect for all hair types from the coarse and curly to the fine and brittle and sensitive scalps.

The bristles are made with a special gel to stop them from breaking down, and to cut down on static which is fabulous for those of us who brush hair and end up with flyaway frizz from the static created just by brushing clean hair.

Dessata is definitely worth the investment and they come in three different sizes and a range of great colours. Check them out today.

RRP: $29.95

To purchase or check out the rest of the range head over to


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