Month of Love: evo Day of Grace Leave-in Conditioner

For day 11 of the month of love we have a hair loving goddess, the evo Day of Grace Leave-in Conditioner. You may have noticed I crush on brands who are clever and the quirky product description had me at hello.

“Day of grace…it’s safer than a sun bed, less obvious than cosmetic surgery and with 100% more movement than a recently botoxed forehead”.

With that sprawled across the plain white packaging, how could you not buy this?

So, it is 200ml and it comes in a spray bottle. After a little shake, shake, shake up you can apply to damp hair and leave in. This will detangle, and help you style – if you have hair that is prone to knottiness, you know how much of a game changer being able to actually run a brush through your matted locks can be.

With moisturisers and proteins, this Australia made hair product will give difficult hair a little extra help after washing.

You can visit their store locator to find out where to purchase, or pop on over to Adore Beauty.

One thought on “Month of Love: evo Day of Grace Leave-in Conditioner

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