KMS California – Hair Play Molding Paste

I’m really not that into hair pastes however I gave this one a go and I do quite like it. Once my hair is styled I apply a small amount and rub it through. I found it to keep my hair in place and smells beautiful – containing cilantro and lime it has a nice light citrus smell.

This morning I put a small amount through towel dried hair and just scrunched it up. Once dried it looked really cool, like I came fresh from the beach. So it can be used for chic or messy styles.

hair play

This product would also be great on short cropped hair to give it extra texture, I’m planning on trying it on my partner tonight!

The KMS California Hair Play Molding Paste deets:

  • Price: $33.95 / $36.95
  • Pack size: 100mL / 150mL

For your closest stockist please phone: 1800 506 060

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