Keune Christmas Gift Pack in Care Vital Nutrition

It is no secret that Beauty and Lace have a massive hair crush on Keune, and it just would not seem right not to include them in our Christmas Gift Guide this year.

Luckily for us, the brand has released a series of limited edition gift sets. While there are six options to choose from, but our top pick is the CARE Vital Nutrition Gift Pack. Inside a reusable cosmetics bag you will find three full sized products:

  • Vital Nutrition Shampoo
  • Vital Nutrition Conditioner
  • Vital Nutrition Mask

This trio is ideal for dry, damaged hair and they all complement each other well. The mask is a stand out with its rich, creamy texture and it will revitalise locks which have been subjected to colouring and heated appliances.

Keune is a professional quality hair care brand, and this gift set will give them a taste of that salon experience every time they wash their hair.

NEW Keune Christmas Gift Set – CARE Vital Nutrition, RRP $59.00 AUD

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One thought on “Keune Christmas Gift Pack in Care Vital Nutrition

  1. $59 for Salon quality products is a great deal. Ive found that the better quality hair products actually last longer then the cheaper hair products as with the better quality you only need to use such a small amount of product so a bottle will last for ages. I do believe that in the end you are actually saving money and your hair will really benefit.

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