How to Curl Hair with a Straightener

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One of the best ways to curl your hair is by using your slimline hair straightener. GHD is one of the best but in this example I am using a Wahl Cutek to show that any reasonable slimline straightener will work.

The first step is to apply a heat protector to your hair; this is to prevent any damage from the heat of your straightener. If you have frizzy hair, it can be a good idea to straighten hair before curling.

Separate the hair into 4 sections; this makes it easier to do the entire head of hair.

hair part

When your hair straightener has heated, take a section of hair from near the back of your neck.


hair part 2


Starting from the top, slide your straightener down the hair, while twisting the hair around it. The slower you move the straightener, the tighter the curls will be.


slide hair

 If you want looser curls, start lower down the hair, and move the straightener more quickly. Experiment until you get the style you are looking for.

Be patient and work your way through the hair. Use hairspray on completed pieces, it really is essential for long lasting curls.

Once you have finished, apply one last layer of hairspray and style as desired. Try not to play with your hair too much as curls tend to drop with too much fiddling.

curly hairstyle

For a simpler look, or if you can’t find a friend to help you, curl a few sections around your face.

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