Hairstyles for 2013

A new year means new hairstyle predictions and hair trends, and we asked Scott Sloan, Schwarzkopf Professional Education Ambassador for his hot tips for hair in 2013.

His first piece of advice is that you can be a little more daring with your hair, “For 2013 we will be seeing a lot of distinctive colours and cuts, which will stand out and make a statement among the more natural looks we have been seeing for the past few years.”

If you are still thinking about going for the chop, Scott says now is the time, “The main thing we will be seeing is a lot of shorter looks. The cuts will be quite sharp and geometric and very short – think Miley Cyrus (pictured) and her daring cut which keeps getting shorter and more structured.

miley cyrus

These shorter looks give a futuristic feel to hair, and are for strong confident women. For those not quite ready for a close crop, geometric bobs, with an Asian inspired feel are a great way to give shorter hair a try.”

Getting the colour right will play a big part in successfully pulling off your new hairstyle in 2013, “There will be a lot of very pale to white blondes, as people embrace a more daring take on the typical blonde. But it won’t only be blonde, shorter styles will also be sported in striking reds and browns.”

If you want a change but don’t want to go for a shorter hairstyle you can experiment with styling, our expert Scott Sloan talks about one of the biggest hairstyle trends for 2013 –

“Ladylike hair is also having a moment, but rather than the Mad Men era hair we have been seeing, this is more of a refined elegance, very luxurious and expensive looking.

Think chic English countryside with rich glossy browns and possibly the addition of a thick fringe. This look is ultra-glamourous and requires beautiful colour and healthy shiny hair. Think Jessica Biel and the quintessential Brit Kate Middleton.”

The braids we saw on the catwalk in 2012 will continue to be popular in the new year, Scott explains,

“For styling for longer hair, I think braids will still be in, as people continue to see how versatile they are and how much you can do with them, but they will start morphing into more textured looser styles.”

Will you be changing your hair in 2013?

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  1. I think Miley was very courageous getting the cut that she got, and she obviously has the confidence to pull it off.

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