Hair Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is big on the catwalk with bold colours taking over the fashion world for summer in “blocks”. The look is not only in for clothing, you can have fun with your hair and be one of the cool kids with the use of the hair colour blocking technique.

To discuss the ins and outs of hair colour blocking we have asked the Team Director for Sebastian Professional, Joey Scandizzo for his expertise.

When asked to describe the technique Joey says, “Colour blocking is a hair colouring technique where colour is added in ‘blocks’ to give hair added dimension, depth and a blast of colour.”

hair colour blocking

The key to the look is making a statement, there is nothing subtle about it. Bright colours work well but they can be toned down. Joey explains, “It is common for two contrasting bold colours to be used, particularly unnatural hues like pink or blue. Unlike highlights, this look isn’t intended to look natural but is aimed at creating an edgy, fashion forward look.”

Hair Colour Blocking should be done in a salon, but if you want to try it without permanently dying your hair you can try different coloured hair extensions such as those from Great Lengths Hair Australia (pictured).

If you are considering hair colour blocking, our expert Joey discusses how it’s done, “The look is achieved by sectioning the hair into segments and depending on what kind of look you want to achieve the colour is added in solid tones to create a striking contrast between the two hues. To add three-dimensional color, the hair may be separated into dozens of sections with two to three colors ‘blocked’ in alternating sections.”

So, what are the most popular colour combinations right now?

“Currently what’s most popular is the dip dye look where the block color is focused on the bottom layers to give a two-tone look. While many are opting for bold combinations with pinks and blues, the most requested colour combinations are for light Sunkist tones and beige blonde ends with contrasting roots in dark chocolate or deep mahogany for a feminine yet on-trend fashion statement.”

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