GHD Vending Machine

Don’t you just hate it when you have spent hours getting that perfect frizz free look, only to go outside to have the moisture in the air ruin everything?

Beautiful Vending have come up with a solution with their GHD vending machines. It is well known that women tend to spend a long time in bathrooms, often due to the fact that there is a line up or we are reapplying makeup. Beautiful Vending have taken this to the next level, for the ultimate powder room pamper.



Most women have heard of the GHD range of hair straighteners and rave about the superior results, and now for just $2 for 2 minutes you can touch up your hair during the night.

These hair vending machines are appearing across the world, in the trendiest bars and clubs, and you can even find them in selected venues in Australia. The GHD irons reach high temperatures which helps to keep them sanitary.


As demand for the “Beautiful Vending Stylers” increase, we should be able to see them more frequently, in gyms for after workout touch ups, classy cafes, and of course your favourite night spot.




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