Get the Look: Magdalena Velevska MBFWA (French Roll)

If you can look past the yellow lips that the models pouted at the Magdalena Velevska show at MBFWA, you will notice the twisted, pulled back hairstyle.

The theme of the day was that of an aquatic nature, and the hair really did mimic the feeling with “a traditional French roll that finds beauty in the absolute darkness and mystery of the stingray.”

The stylist behind the hair was Renya Xydis for Wella Professionals.



How to Get the Look

  1. Start with wet hair and spray Wella Professionals SP Hydro Finish (RRP $32) through it.
  2. Take a section of hair from ear to ear and clip it up and out of the way. Next, take a second section from the back of the ear to the bottom of the nape, forming a triangular shape.
  3. Saturate all of the hair with Wella Professionals SP Elegant Shape (RRP $33.50) then take the first section and comb it over from one ear to the other, making sure to keep the tension in the hair.
  4. Slide an elastic over the hair an inch away from the ear, then start twisting the hair over the elastic, adding hair from the nape section and secure.
  5. With the remaining hair comb it tightly to the right side and slide another elastic over the section and start the second twist, continuing until you reach the end.
  6. Spray the remaining ends with Wella Professionals SP Perfect Hold (RRP $33.50) and pin into a bun using U pins winding on the left hand side.
  7. Finally, use a tailcomb to tuck the loose ends in under the bun and finish with Wella Professionals SP Perfect Hold

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