Get the Hairstyle: The Asymmetric Bob

The Asymmetric Bob is featured in the latest collection by Mieka Hairdressing and is a modern style for short haired girls. It does require regular maintenance so you will need to be committed – but if you can manage it you will have no regrets!

Tracey Hughes is the Creative Director at Mieka Hairdressing, and she describes the cut and colour for us so you too can get this look!

layered bob


The shape is a simple elegant design inspired by a classic bob. The haircut has subtle layering to create more movement and has asymmetry to keep extra length on one side which gives a more modern result. The shape needs to be cut technically to display the precision within the haircut and to maintain this, regular trims would be needed every 6 weeks.

This is an easy shape to style. Use a blowdry lotion such as Redken Rootful to give body or a heat protectant product such as Redken Fabricate to blow dry your hair. Use a flat brush such as a Denman or Paddle brush as that will work with the natural fall of the hair more than a round brush. This style is effortless because it relies purely on a great haircut.

Hair Colour

The colour will depend firstly on what your natural colour is or the existing colour you may have in your hair. This is a beautiful soft apricot blonde tone. It’s ideal for anyone who has naturally light brown or blonde hair. It’s more difficult to create on very dark hair. The colour is not gold as it has subtle variation within the colour technique to keep the softness of the shades blending together.

The underneath is ever so slightly darker to enhance the strength of the shape further. Pastel shades such as apricots, honeys and champagnes are a great way of changing your blonde. Not all shades of blonde may suit you but this tone can be suited to most skin types but looks fantastic on slightly warmer skin tones.

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