Get the Hair Look: Missoni S/S 2012 – Spanish Harlem

Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Eugene Souleiman has been jetsetting again and this time he has been styling the hair for the Missoni S/S 2012 collection in Milan!

While I am extremely jealous to be sitting here while he is surrounded by beautiful clothes (as I am sure you are too), we can get a little bit of Milan Fashion Week with the following How To.

The look from Missoni was Spanish Harlem, a style that will see you dancing all night:


The Hairstyle: Spanish Harlem

The starting point for the inspiration behind the Missoni S/S12 Collection was a dance track with suggestive beats and sexually-charged vocals. This influence was evident in the slightly clubby, Balearic feel of the clothing, which featured a vibrant palette of canary yellow, aquamarine, hot pink and peach applied to classic Missoni prints and embellished with subtle iridescent finishes.

Eugene Souleiman, explains “I wanted to create tension between the hair and the clothing, to inject it with a rawness that would capture the passion and sensuality of a beautiful young Missoni woman at the end of a hot summer night. So I took the idea of a traditional, slick Spanish look with a perfect side-parting and hair smoothed back over the ears and sculpted into a neat bun, and deconstructed it to create a ‘roughed up’, dishevelled effect and a slightly dirtier end-of-the-night texture.”


Get the Look:

  • Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair using Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner, and apply Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier to wet hair before blow drying hair straight and smooth using a round brush, without creating volume. For hair in need of an extra moisturising boost, like that of models at Fashion Week, try using Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturising Treatment once a week.
  • Rub Wella Professionals Rugged Fix Matte Moulding Crème between your palms and fingers and squash into the roots of your hair all over to create a slightly matted textured effect.
  • Next, spray the hair with Wella SP Hydrate Finish to rehydrate it a little, then apply Wella Professionals Perfect Setting Blow-Dry Lotion to set the natural movement and texture, blasting the roots with a hairdryer to help absorb the product making it invisible.
  • Although the end look is slightly dishevelled it’s important to start with a neat side-parting, so use a sectioning comb to create this before using your hands to pull the hair back roughly into a ponytail at the nape of the neck, covering the ears. Don’t worry if the hair is not perfectly smooth as the beauty of this look is in the imperfection. In fact, if you massage the hair with your fingers to create more volume and texture, this will add to the overall look.
  • Next, take the ponytail, loop it back on itself and tie it into the base of the original ponytail to create a bun loop in the hair, with the rest of the of ponytail falling free.
  • Now use irons to straighten the loose ends of hair and add a light mist of Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray to create a slightly drier, rougher texture.
  • Finally, decorative hair combs specially created by Missoni and featuring a snake motif in colours matching the Collection were placed in the back of the hair above the bun loop.


Products Used :

Wella Professionals Rugged Fix Matte Moulding Creme
SP Hydrate Finish Finishing Care
Wella Professionals Perfect Setting Blow-Dry Lotion
Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Texture Spray

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