ESSENSITY Intense Repair Mask

Opening this jar and catching a whiff I’m uncertain if I like the smell or not. It doesn’t smell natural nor does it have a smell of chemicals but I’m uncertain none the less. But in my opinion the fragrance of a product is only an added bonus if you happen to like it. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts. (Unless, of course, it’s a perfume you’re buying then perhaps this isn’t the case)

But my, what a marvellous product this is! Smoothing the luscious cream into my hair I can feel the difference straight away – it instantly untangles my tangled locks and starts its way onto its hydrating journey. Five minutes has passed and I rinse the cream out (the instructions state you should leave it for 5-10 minutes but let’s just say that patience isn’t my biggest virtue) and my hair feels unbelievably silky and soft.

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