Blonde or Brunette Hairstyles

So you want to change your hair color, and you are thinking of going brown to blonde, or blonde to brunette? There are several different things to consider before taking this gigantic step.

First of all, what is your natural hair color, and how far do you want to stray from that? The further you get from your natural color, the more frequent your root touches will be. Do you want all over color for drama, or just a few streaks for effect?

There are many home hair coloring products that encourage all types of processes. If you are staying within a couple of shades of your natural color, or rather the existing color it is now, and you are very brave, these may be a viable option for you. Of course, I highly recommend leaving it to the professionals.

If you are amongst the brave, and find yourself in the hair color isle contemplating your next hair color, there are a few things for you to consider.

brunette and blond women face to face

Hair does not have a brain, but it does have tendencies. If it did have a brain, it would say, “Hey, I need some red” and horde all the red molecules from your natural brunette formula within the cortex, never to be seen by you again.

The blue-green, commonly known as ash, is then the only part of the color formula revealed. That is how green hair commonly occurs, leaving you standing there baffled, staring at the beautiful color on the box wondering what went wrong!

To prevent this occurrence, it is wise to choose a hair color formula leaning towards gold or red when going darker. In fact, if you do opt to have it done professionally, typically your stylist will first color it red before applying your final formula. We feel green is rarely a flattering hue, whereas any skin tone can use a little red, given the choice between the two.

Going blonde is somewhat less complicated, with the exact opposite chemical occurrence. If you were blonde as a child, and still have some lighter pieces around your face, you can probably successfully highlight your own hair.

The key is allowing the solution to surpass all unwanted warm tones, achieving the blonde you desire. The most common mistake happens when the orange is exposed, and the consumer prematurely (and understandably) removes the solution.

The best reason to have your hair colored professionally is for application purposes. Much like today’s fashion, hair styles and trends are varied. Your stylist is constantly exposed to recent techniques, and can make the best recommendation for your hair type and lifestyle.

Can most brunettes successfully and or gracefully be blonde, and vice versa? Of course! If the hair has integrity (isn’t trashed from multiple chemical services), and you will follow proper at home maintenance, almost any hair color can be achieved.

There as many shades of blonde as there are brown. I personally would appear ghastly with extremes of either, but found that a little bit of both works perfectly for me! Sometimes less really is more, and a professional stylist can help you decide what is best for you. Just remember hair is the only accessory we never take off. Invest wisely as you would with any other trend that affects your image.

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