Autumn/Winter 2011 Hair: Raw Glam

The 2011 Autumn/Winter season will see texture and an element of grunge combine to create a raw, modern and honest interpretation of the latest in hair trends, according to Emiliano Vitale, Creative Director of the award-winning e SALON.

“We’re referring to it as Raw Glam; hair that is glamorous, with a sense of dishevel and deconstruction, yet with a beautiful natural movement and luxury about it.”

raw glam hairstyle

(Image: e SALON Raw collection)

Sleek styles will combine with knots & twists; natural movement and wave will embody a sexy texture that is further enhanced by multi-textured & multi-tonal effects of colour. Bed-head styling of past seasons will be given a touch of luxe, with colour and modern movement.

“Medium or mid-length styles are reminiscent almost of old Hollywood glamour, yet with modern movement, sexy textures, and a nod to enhancing natural, reallife texture,” says Emiliano.

Shorter styles have been given muses such as Emma Watson, Halle Berry and Carey Mulligan to take their cues from. “As seen from each cut, whether it’s a more luxe, sleeker look or an undone textured look, shorter hair is really embodying the Raw Glam approach to hair for Autumn/Winter,” says Emiliano.

raw glam hairstyle

(Image: e SALON Raw collection)

Glamour girls such as Ann Hathaway and Lea Michele are embracing a return to the more natural, raw glamour, letting their tresses speak for themselves in down styles, or ‘undoing’ the up-do and letting texture take hold for that glamorous take on the bed-head trend.

Our longer-haired beauties are looking to traditional styling ideals yet playing with technique combinations.
“Women with longer styles will be combining sleek finishes with knots and twists, or embracing sleek, lush down styles, with loose tousled waves or curl from the mid-lengths to the ends,” says Emiliano.

Raw Glam in Color for 2011

Ruben-esque reds, bold brunettes and warm blondes are the themes for autumn/winter in 2011 with a focus on lush & glossy finishes, and sculptural colours – enhance cut & shape of hair – and colours that give a multi-tonal and multi-textural effect to the hair.

Look to Megan Fox or Anna Lynne McCord for a fresh take on raw glamour and hair that is loosely pulled together for an overall effortless effect.

(Image: e SALON Raw collection)

(Image: e SALON Raw collection)

Rich Reds

Redheads are stepping away from the brash pillar-box red of past seasons and embracing a more textured approach to their colour. Tones of flame, copper, ruby, russet and paprika will keep reds warm this autumn/winter. Think Florence Welch or Julianne Moore for beautiful rich reds.

Bold Brunettes

The return of rich, lush and glossy brunettes will be this autumn/winter
season! Blackberry, dark cherry partner with warm chocolate and dark brown tones to produce unrivalled gloss and texture. Brunette beauties we’re loving at the moment are Lucy Hale, Amber Riley & Mila Kunis.

Brilliant Blondes

Blondes are looking sunnier and warmer in a complete juxtapose to the season! Rich & vibrant, normally icy blondes are being warmed up with sunny tones, and multi-tonal techniques to create texture, depth and enhance shape.

Bombshell blondes for autumn/winter are Michelle Williams & January Jones with their beautiful rich blonde hues complementing their complexions perfectly.

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